A Day in the (van) Life – Fiordland

After wrestling with technical difficulties for a few weeks, we are very happy (and slightly relieved) to deliver our first ever vlog. Be a fly on the wall for a day of van life, as we journey to Milford Sound in the heart of Fiordland, New Zealand.

The Good, the Bad and the Adorable – Otago and Southland

Our journey through South Island continues, as we drive through the Otago and Southland regions. These southern reaches of the country are brimming with stunning scenery and diverse flora and fauna to explore. Here's some of what we experienced during this penultimate leg of our New Zealand road trip. Queenstown Region On the northern edge... Continue Reading →

South Island, the West Coast

Welcome to South Island folks. The land of never ending natural wonder. It starts the very moment you catch your first glimpses from the Cook Strait ferry, and it hasn't let up yet. As we disembarked in Picton, we were giddy with excitement to explore this land. Whilst they are one nation, South Island is... Continue Reading →

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