We are Tara and Corneliu and we’re going on an adventure! For the next few months we’ll be travelling around Oceania and Asia, with just our backpacks and each other. Having spent the last 4 years hunched over desks finishing our PhDs, we decided that getting out in the world and exploring new places was the perfect remedy to our vitamin D deficiencies (and PTSD). Check in to see how it’s all going!

Hopefully, this will be a memorable time in our lives, but just in case, we’re going to document our trip along the way. We provide mixed format posts, including blogs, vlogs, photos, travel advice, and artwork that we make along the way. Tara takes care of most of the writing whilst Corneliu handles most of the video editing, but sometimes we mix it up a little. Photographs are a joint effort, but always our own unless otherwise stated. We aren’t sponsored or affiliated with any businesses so all recommendations, reviews and opinions are based on our personal experiences.


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