Brief Encounters – Brisbane

To wrap up our time in Australia we made a short trip to Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland. Thinking it'd be an adventure we decided to take a 14-hour overnight train from Sydney. If you were thinking of doing the same, think again! It will leave you brain dead after negligible sleep and arrives... Continue Reading →

Vivid Sydney

Sydney, the most populated settlement in Oceania, seems to sprawl endlessly across all directions of the Parramatta estuary. Yet despite its sheer scale, the city has the ambling, relaxed atmosphere of a much smaller seaside town. During our eight-day visit we gladly assimilated to this chilled-out pace of life, taking time to enjoy the nearby... Continue Reading →

Coffee & Croissants – Melbourne

The only thing we knew prior to visiting Melbourne was that in 2017 it was named the┬ámost liveable city in the world for the seventh consecutive year. You'd think this would prime us with high expectations but, a lot had transpired in the time between reading that fact and arriving at Tullamarine Airport, leaving us... Continue Reading →

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