East Java

When thinking back on our time in Java, what really stood out was the vibrancy of colours, both from the bright houses that lined the streets and the insanely lush greenery of the surrounding forests and plantations. The other thing that really stuck in our minds was the warmth and kindness of the Javanese people.... Continue Reading →

Amed (North Bali)

Returning to Bali felt a bit like coming home. There was an almost instant feeling of comfort when we stepped off the speed boat onto the coarse black sand of Amed beach. This little town on the north-east coast turned out to be the perfect fit for us. With tarmac roads only arriving in 2007,... Continue Reading →

Vivid Sydney

Sydney, the most populated settlement in Oceania, seems to sprawl endlessly across all directions of the Parramatta estuary. Yet despite its sheer scale, the city has the ambling, relaxed atmosphere of a much smaller seaside town. During our eight-day visit we gladly assimilated to this chilled-out pace of life, taking time to enjoy the nearby... Continue Reading →

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