North Island Roadtrip

As you can see from the map, we had a pretty busy week after leaving Northland. We drove a total of 1411.7km in 7 days, but it’s actually been surprisingly chilled as we’ve got into the flow of van life.

North Island has treated us to a wide array of fun. Sunny beaches, glow worm caves, geothermal villages and springs, night markets, rainy mountain hikes, enourmous lakes, enchanting forests, huge rock formations, excellent craft beers, fighting orcs. It feels like we’ve done it all in such a short amount of time. The only disappointment we’ve endured was not being able to hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. But one patch of bad weather on an island that has this much to offer isn’t bad at all.

Check out our photo gallery below if you want to see some of what we got up to on the journey from Auckland to Wellington (it might take some time to load on mobile phones).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’re looking forward to seeing the natural wonders that South Island has to offer. We’ll keep you posted!

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